the need

Focused student-level data that inspires action

An easy to use, early-warning indicator data wall for K-12 schools.

the problem

Student data systems give administrators and teachers dozens of long spreadsheets, reports, and data dashboards that are complicated and time intensive to interpret. Schools are busy places – administrators and teachers rarely have the time to search for different data reports, pull them together, and then visualize them in a way that is easy to understand.

the solution

Snapshot is a powerful data visualization tool for educators that brings together multiple existing data reports into one easy-to-understand “snapshot” of student performance. It helps educators have a common, data-driven starting point for conversation and empowers them to deliver targeted interventions to the students who need them the most. While data can often feel overwhelming or complicated, Snapshot makes student data quickly understandable and actionable. The individual “Student Snapshot” data cards are also a powerful communication tool for student and parent meetings.

“You think you know the kids, but when you see the data, it’s real. It helps you match the students with what they really need.”

Snapshot Tracks the ABCs of Drop-out Prevention:

Snapshot provides a comprehensive picture of student performance based on the Early Warning Indicator metrics for on-time graduation (Attendance, Behavior, and Course Performance).

Snapshot helps ensure that struggling students don't slip through the cracks. A student receives a flag for each of the 3 areas in which they are performing poorly and is grouped on the board accordingly. Student information is displayed on a Student Snapshot card which is updated throughout the year.



Attendance is strongly correlated with on-time high school graduation. Students who miss more than 10% of instructional days have significantly decreased odds of graduating on time. Attendance is a prime indicator of school engagement and is critical for learning class material and earning credits for graduation.



Poor behavior is often a sign that students are uncomfortable or disengaged with their school environment. Whether manifested in suspensions, cutting class, and/or poor behavior marks, poor behavior typically does not self-correct and can easily lead a student off the path to graduation.


Course Performance

Course failures --in any subject-- are a cause for alarm since they indicate a lack of meeting academic standards as well as a failure to accumulate class credits needed for graduation. Noticing and intervening on class failures before the end of the school year is vital to helping students get on track.

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We begin with a 15-20 minute consultation so we can discuss your school’s specific needs and goals for data utilization and student performance. We will also determine if your Student Information System and data tracking systems are compatible with Snapshot. You can also reach out directly to Stephanie Smith, a member of the Snapshot Team, to talk more – find her at 215-546-6300 x105, or

Empowering Teacher Collaboration and Interventions


Snapshot brings structure, rhythm, and data science into your student intervention process. Instead of administrators reviewing data in their offices at the end of the school year, Snapshot helps your school use data formatively and collaboratively to drive school initiatives and interventions throughout the year. Our vision? Make it easy for school teams to regularly use student data to incite school-wide change and increase student achievement.

Made for teams

Empowers data-driven teacher collaboration and comprehensive student interventions

Set and achieve bold goals

Able to easily monitor and support school-wide goals and unlock improved school performance

Great for parents

Transform conversations at parent and student conferences

Easy-to-use and impactful

Timesaving tool that enables large scale change in a format teachers find easy to use

“Showing students their Student Snapshot with all of the grades and trends made a real impact. The opportunity to know and make a change before the end of the report period truly helped a number of students.”

- Ms. Johnson, Teacher and Data Specialist, Lincoln High School

"Teachers are most likely to focus on students that are more vocal; quieter students who are having problems may go unnoticed. Snapshot helps you see kids not on your radar."

- Ms. Henshaw, Data Specialist and Math Teacher, Roxborough High School

"Snapshot saves me hours and hours of time - it would take forever to do it manually. This is a quick and easy way to bring together the most important student data."

- Mr. Ross, former Ninth Grade Assistant Principal at Bartram High School

"Using the PAI Snapshot felt like a shift from yelling at students once they failed to coming alongside them and asking how they could help them NOT fail. Students felt much more empowered and respected."

- Ms. Johnson, Teacher and Data Specialist, Lincoln HS

"The Student Snapshot data cards support what you're trying to say to parents, in writing."

- Mr. Ross, former Ninth Grade Assistant Principal at Bartram High School
Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have specific questions about the Snapshot service, browse our FAQ's to see if you can find the answer there.

our experts

The Philadelphia Academies Innovation Team

Philadelphia Academies, Inc. (PAI) has been a leader in the field of education and student/teacher supports since its inception in 1969. After founding the revolutionary Career Academy model fifty years ago, PAI continues to partner with schools to provide a variety of educational and career-connected supports. In all of our initiatives, PAI strives to fulfill its vision that all young people have the skills, resources, and networks to reach their full potential.

Meet PAI's Snapshot team:
Jay Vazquez

President & CEO

Stephanie Smith

Director of Business Partner Development

Nadia Schafer

Data Specialist, Evaluation & Technology

Cheryl Lafferty

Chief of Staff



Pricing and Support

Snapshot is a data visualization tool – but it also comes with a lot of support. Schools implementing Snapshot receive:

  • Technical assistance and training for an identified staff member to create and update Snapshot each interim and quarter
  • Customized Snapshot “cut points” for your school’s context
  • All documents, resources, tools, and protocols to support effective use of Snapshot with your teaching team
  • Snapshot Tool Kit with all of the supplies needed to create your Snapshot Wall, including: perforated card stock paper, black tape, adhesive, flag labels, post-it flag stickers, and label charts

  • One Professional Development session with all faculty
  • At least two check-in meetings with school leadership to troubleshoot issues and discuss utilization efforts
  • Tracking tools
  • Trend charts and graphic visualizations
  • Invitations to all Snapshot User Group meetings and events

For one school year of Snapshot and all of the above listed support, the cost per school is $3,000. Some discounts apply to Districts interested in implementing Snapshot at multiple schools or for providing referrals.

PAI takes student data privacy and FERPA very seriously. To receive a copy of our PAI Student Data and FERPA Compliance Policy, which includes the safeguards and practices we implement to protect student data, please email a member of the Snapshot Innovation Team.

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Interested in learning more? Reach out to Stephanie Smith at 215-546-6300, x 105 or with any questions or to schedule a time to talk more. You can also fill out the form below to book a free consultation. Once you submit the form, we will follow up to schedule a time to discuss how Snapshot can help you meet your school goals on teacher collaboration, data utilization, and student achievement, as well as to determine if your Student Information System is compatible with Snapshot.